Sunday, 4 November 2012

Happy Halloweeeeen!!! ( I know I know..late again)

 So I thought I would be right on the ball with Halloween so I posted these treats a few days early...but it was only on my Tumblr account...and then I forgot all about them and now I'm late on here with the festive pops! :) Better late than never! hah

So lets see....creepy spiders, jack-o-lanterns (a must!) witches hats, and ooey gooey cauldrons filled with bones and eyeballs and who knows what!!!?!? (I sure dont - not a witch :{ ) lol

Enjoy! :) Happy late Halloween, treaters!!!

Halloween & Christmas in the same post!!!! It's happening... ahaha :)

Now that Halloween has come and gone its time for Christmas!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! We bought our first ornament of the season today!! see below!! hehe I have so many plans for the season!! I have just about everything I need to get started!! Stay tuned for christmas pops and treats galore!

It's beginning to look a lot like .... guessed it!


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