Sunday, 25 November 2012

Angry birds 1 & 2

 I was about to give angry birds a second try and I was looking around my blog for reference photos of the last time and realized that I never posted the first time!!! I do apologize..these birds made it onto my facebook page AND my tumblr, but not here. EEEEeep haha


These were the first angry birds I did. I cut out all the little add-ons (eyes included) I think they turned out well.

 This is my second go at these super bright(angry) pops :) This time I still cut out the pieces needed, except to save some time I bought pre made sugar eyes. I really like them and they did save a bit of time.  The only thing is, I think the pigs still need bigger eyes...

Still .... very please with them :D

This weekend I'm at them again along with a cake (I'll try not to forget including this blog when I post ;) )

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