Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tree Top Trekking!

 I had NEVER heard of tree top trekking. Then one day a friend of mine took her boyfriend out to climb around for his birthday and she told me all about it. It sounds SO cool! Other than that I had never heard anyone talk about it! And after a few weeks I was asked if I could make a cake with tree top trekking as a theme.... OK!

I was SO SO excited to tackle this project. I did as I always do and searched around the good old internet for some reference ideas of what others have done...nothing! So I researched tree top trekking further..and the wheels started turning! Trees, zip lines, ropes, swings! There is just so much that can be done with this!

I got to work assembling trees and wires...but..I missed a important step...structural reinforcement!! I should have taken photos of the disaster that was this cake at 4am! Sadly because I didn't reinforce my trees they all began to fall into one another. And I tried, and  tired, and tried to keep them up right. The more I tried the worse it seemed to look. So after a meltdown...I went to bed a sad lady, and started fresh a few hours later. This time...with reinforcements!! :) And I am pleased to say that everything turned out wonderfully!!

It was a double birthday for an adventurous father/son duo! And I am told they LOVED their custom tree top trekking cake!!! :)

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