Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It's already been a year of blogging!!

 A whole year has passed since my first blog!! + 2 days...hehe and I thought maybe I'd share with you, (even though you've been with me the entire way) how things have changed in these 367 days of sugary fun :)

 My first pops were so very messy and frustrating! Now pops are a breeze, and they take a lot less time. I've started experimenting with different designs on pops and am so excited with the outcome!! There will be plenty more to come :)

The year has been full of cupcakes. Some good, some bad...some melty ahah

While there has only been a small number of cakes I am most proud of how my cakes have developed!! I look so forward to cakes to come and cakes that are already in the planning stages!!

Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey :) It's so much fun and so rewarding! I really look forward to working with my best friend on cakes and cake design in future projects!! And I look forward to the challenges to come in the next year. :)

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