Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Musclow Wedding 2012 (Part 2)

M is for Musclow!! :) The big day was the 25th of August, just this past weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, the crowd was beautiful, and the entire day was full of so much love (and tears..) I am so happy that I was invited to be a part of Matt and Keri's wonderful wedding.

This is my first ever wedding cake! I have never been more proud of myself than on that day! :) I am so pleased!!! <3

Sadly, by the time I was ready for photos I had run out of time! I was not dressed for the wedding and I only had 10 minutes to get ready!!! So it was a bit of a rush, but I know there are plenty of photos that covered the cake. I'll post them as soon as I can. :) :)

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