Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Musclow Wedding 2012 (Part 1)

As some of you may know it has been almost year since I started MMB, my first order was in October 2011. Around that time my sister-in-law was in the midst of planning a wedding. Being the super excitable person that I am, having never EVER made a wedding cake in my life, I offered to do hers!! She accepted without even hesitating, she put so much trust in my abilities! :) We talked over the months about what she wanted and things that she liked, and I began planning.

 First were the cake pops. I suggested that a cute idea for take aways would be cake pops (I wasnt sure that she would really go for it....she did!!!) I was thrilled, and then I remembered her guest list was a few heads short of 200!! :) So on the August long weekend I got started, dozen after dozen of cake pops, rolled, dipped, dressed, bagged, and into my freezer :) I think my final count was 16 dozen :)

 Next it was on to all the small detail work. Chocolate M's - black and white - for each cupcake. And beautiful gumpaste calla lillies for the cake topper.

I didn't start any of the heavy baking until the Thursday before the wedding because I wanted it to be as fresh as it could be. We have here- two tiers of white cake, and then approximately 200 cupcakes :) all dressed and ready to go.

My step father George had this beautiful cake stand made for me for the occasion. :) Thank you to him and thank you to my mom for tying all the tiny ribbons on the cake pops and a big thank you for all the love and encouragement from everyone in my life during this process.

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