Monday, 26 January 2015

Catching up with Christmas!

Okay - So I very clearly dropped the ball on Christmas posts so I am squeezing in some of my favourites from this year...well..last year :) I had a lot of fun with the cookies this year, and I now have 2 boxes of Christmas cookies cutters Yes some of them are multiples. This was the first year that at the end of everything I was glad that it was over. Normally I just want to leave the tree's so pretty... but this year, I was itching to take it down! It just takes up too much space in our apartment!!!  So now Christmas is over, and the new year has begun...and here are my super fun cookies of Christmas just past :)

 I ended up taking so special requests this year - which was good and bad. It was good because it allowed me to branch out with different themes and colour schemes. It was nice to have some variety in decorating the same cookies over and over. It was bad because I let too many requests in - and different half orders with different requests. Personalized cookies is where it started to get to be too much! I had an order that got a little mixed up and it turned in to a hassle for me to provide more cookies to make up for missed names. As a lesson learned, when it comes to Christmas time, I will not be doing personalized cookies again. It took a little the fun out of it for me unfortunately.
Even though I'm pleased that it's passed, I do look forward to next Christmas so I can do it all over again! I look forward to new cookies :D I hope that my little Christmas post inspires a little joy in your Monday!

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