Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Soccer ball cookies!

 I believe I may have mentioned it before, but I LOVE decorated cookies! Seriously! They are my new favorite baked good :) ..These soccer balls...made me want to smash each and every one! For some terrible reason every time I've been asked to make soccer ball treats I cannot wrap my head around how the shapes fit together! Gah! Geometry! hahah.

It took a lot of practice(on paper of course) and then I had to draw on the cookies over and over with my edible markers.. I think there were even some tears that night...and maybe a smashed cookie..which is really therapeutic! When I first started decorating cakes I made a Lego man cake, some of you may recall..it was causing me a ton of grief and so I smashed one of the mini Lego cakes..it was actually pretty fun :) If you've ever get the chance to smash a cake, I recommend it; not because of the therapy it provides when frustrated but for the entertainment factor. :)
 I am currently working on wedding cake cookies <3 for the first of 2 bridal shows I'm taking part in this month. AND I have some baked baby shower onsie cookies waiting to be decorated!!

Happy baking ;)

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