Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bubble Guppies!

 Soooo....a little guy turned three recently! And you'll never guess what his favorite show is. might. :) hahah I was asked if I could do a Bubble Guppies cake. Oh gosh!...What on earth are bubble guppies?!?! Um adorable ! That's what they are! Haha

I had a chat with the birthday boys mom about how those of us without kids have no clue about the latest cartoon crazes! But I did my research and this is the cake that we decided on.

I had a rough time with this cake. As an artist, while I was in school and to this day, I can't do people!!! I can't draw them, I can't sculpt them all that well. I don't like having to make and humanoid characters! BUT I made it through! And I'm not even upset about how it went :)
 I put the characters that I don't think were my best work at the back..haha

 This little guy was by far my favorite! He's so cute with his goggles on!

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