Saturday, 3 March 2012

Basketball pops!

I was asked if I could make cake pops for a basketball tournament. Of course instantly basketball pops come to mind :)

It took me a little while to really wrap my head around how the lines fit on the balls, but got it eventually :) I painted the lines on using food colouring paste mixed with water. It was a lot of fun and exciting to see them all lined up :)

Wrapped and ready to be delivered. Delivery is always my favorite part. I love to see the smiles!!! I was told they were a huge hit with the kids :)

**On a side note** I was asked about peanut allergies (it has come up before) and so I did some research. The candy melts that I use and most other candy melts are all made in factories where peanuts may come into contact with the product. I read some forums about peanut free melts and they typically say that there are SOME candy wafers that are peanut free but only in white and brown. Not really colourful. I also read that you can add colour to the chocolate when its melted, but in my experience when adding anything to tempered chocolate you run a high risk of it seizing :( I'm going to keep looking around for  peanut free products and keep you posted.

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